Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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We have decided to disolve our organization so that a new party can be created. 

This is deep. It has not been done before. I don't know what to call it. Is it a PR stunt? Is it genuine? Has the big ship started to slowly steer to the right direction? Are you for real? Is this the starting point of the promised paradigm shift?

If you have not convinced many, at least you have gotten the attention of the public. You are now an issue. It seems like you have busted out from intentional media strangulation.

How will you sell your idea? It is too good to be true.


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You said, "this is deep." This isn't deep on my perspective. It is a timely recognition of Eritrean reality. It is the reality of opposition. It is time for the people to own the process, play a decisive role, and determine their destiny. I call this democracy.

You said, "is it PR stunt." I believe this isn't a PR stunt. It is Eritrean people's interest at stake here. It is the people's mission. I like to engage and be part of it. How about you? If we stop for a minute being skeptics and put things in perspective, things would go one step ahead. You don't have to act like an ousider; this is your issue,too.

"It is too good to be true", you said. I don't want to be judgmental but if everybody carries their weight, this can be realized. Help spread the word as much as you can. I believe in change. And I don't care who promotes it as long as it brings democratic rule to Eritrea. The issue for me is democratic rule in my country, and I know I don't have it now. I don't know what your priorities are? But the invitation is out there for all of us and let's engage.


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This is deep means... like this is cool....this is serious..
kind of hood language. It was a positive exclamation.


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It is OK. We aren't into semantics.

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I am an independent, but I am not  satisfied with your yesterday's responses. People have always disagreed regarding the best way to operate a nation or party. Polarization or the extend of the polarization isn't the problem; the problem occurred when those involved in responding the people's vibrant questions. A people's party will clearly define the vision for the people and believes this vision will benefit the nation & the party. Party will not use double talk and will not afraid of losing. Eritrea is ripe for a new mainstream, political party. There is a market niche to be filled by new party. If neither the ELF RC or OTHERS.


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The party that you are talking about is not founded yet. Come and join us to found a people's party. Your inputs are important to us. 

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