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 Mr. Huruy


 Do you think Melles will agree to demarcate the border between the two countries while

 the present leadership is in power in Eritrea?   what do you think will happen if the

 pro Amhara opposition comes to power in Addis ?, Do you see any promising future

 and peace for our kids in Eritrea in the coming 10 or 20 coming years ?

 Do you think another war is possible or there is no return to that ?

 Can you elaborate a bit on these issues ? Thanks



Let us consider the following points:

1.As long as Issaias remains in power he'll pursue his program of supporting the internal opposition; thereby, fomenting internal stability.

2. If he thinks that the Ethiopian government is debilitated, then the possibility that he may risk a preemptive strike cannot be discounted.

3. If the Ethiopian government feels that the internal situation has reached a pint of no return, the might risk a preemptive strike against the dictator.

4. The option of creating a strong opposition army is too late and too little to serve policy.

5. Nevertheless, the option of helping action-oriented organizations to train special forces is not too late. Special forces, have the ability to paralyze the dictator, as they have the power to create an internal opposition.

6. I rule out an other war

7. The correct policy option for the Ethiopian government seems to be to develop a negotiating policy, while helping determined Eritreans to create special forces.

8.The seizure of power by the Amhara opposition will bring the issue of Assab to the forefront.

9. The Amharas are likely to pursue a pro-Eritrean and anti-Tigrean policy.

10. It is important for the Tigreans and Eritreans to resolve their differences and build for the future.

11. Let us build a democratic Eritrea together in order to secure a peaceful and prosperous homeland for our children.








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