Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Dear Ato Hurui


Thanks for giving us this opportunity.


The EDA is clearly dominated by jihad extremists and intends to enforce sharia on the native Christians. They killed so many ELF fighters and civilians, mainly in the Eritrean  lowland in the sixties and seventies. We all know the Christians are the one who paid very high price to liberate the country while the Moslems fled to Sudan and the Middle East. Since 1991 the jihads are again terrorizing our people by planting mines, etc.


What is your stand on these bandits? How can we deal with this? 



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The Congress Party strives to build a secular state. The structure of the Eritrean society is constructed in such a way that if one segment of the religious community attempts to impose its will upon the other, the result would be catastrophic. If the Eritrean Idea  is to survive, we cannot permit the state to be hostage to the religious communities. As society needs to be protected from the intrusions on the part of society, the state needs to be protected from open and secret strategies of control. Only a clearly defined constitution, agreed upon by the entire social and cultural segments, a firm legal system, based on democratic principles, and institutions that protect both the state and society from intrusion in each other's spheres . Our party rejects political Jihad as it rejects crusades. We reject the killing of innocent civilians.  


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