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In wrapping this Virtual Press Confernece, we invite participants either as members or guests to write a few words about the Virtual Press Conference.

Tell us also what you think?


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Your effort was commendable. You did the best you can do, within your power, that is, to invite a guest, provide the field and participating your self.


On our guest's performance, I commend him for having the courage to face an "angry" audience. No body has ever done it before and so, I want to give Mr. Hurui an  A on that.


On answering the questions, though, it is a D. He was trying to avoid giving direct answers to direct questions, dodging at times and totally ignoring some questions. I guess, that is part of being a politician and he has a lot of politicking on his shoulders: three decades.


He was acting as if some one was holding a gun to his head and ordering him what to say, what not to say and how to say it.



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Thank you Adal for volunteering and spending many hours to make this virtual conference happen, and to all the participants ( with the exception of the weyane mole- Khahsai Ghilai) who asked critical questions, added more insights and details to our reflections of the events surrounding the Weyane Slaves. Meskerem,do continue along this path and bring us the rest of the EDA clowns.

My thanks and gratitude for Aboy Herui's willingness to share his experiences , ideas and correct some erroneous perceptions regarding his biography. I learned new things. I look forward to reading Aboy Herui's book, for history tends to be nice only to those who write their own version of it.

Moreover, I do not know if it is the number of hits or the number of participants who engaged Aboy Herui that is important. If it is the latter, then it should give Aboy Herui indications about the degree of his popularity amongst Eritreans.

For examples, he writes "The national congress was attended by more than 1000 persons, about 500 of whom were representatives of all the Eritrean people, in all their particularities". This was back then, before he joined forces with the Weyanes,the enemies of the Eritrean people, Ooh,sweet memories! But, we do not forget the incident in Washington, D.C.,when only a handful attended,I think between 12-15, a meeting Aboy Herui convened with Eritreans, Weyane delegation and the press, when he was confirmed  as head of the ENA in Addis Abeba. It is a futile exercise to translate such a huge change in number into percentage ,a downfall from 1000 down to 12,that is.

A brotherly advise would be, instead of publishing worthless and inconsequential articles  for the ECP , I would retreat and follow the footsteps of our  fathers and forefathers who recited and practiced the words of  their "Dawit" to prepare for the final examinations that await us in the after-life. Anyways, I wish Aboy Herui all the best health and the wisdom to right the wrongs in order to leave a lasting legacy for the next generations.

Some of the highlights:

A reason why the EDA is full of dimwits:

"The issue of the constitution in the EDA, so far, is that it should not be discussed by that body for lack of expert knowledge. The right place for the discussion is th national congress". Herui

A reason why Khalifa , a dyed-in-the wool Jihadist might be throwing wild fits and convulsions at the ECP:

"Our Party shall fight to install a secular state: there is no compromise on this issue. Regarding the Charter, Our party resolved in its founding congress the following: a) the Shari'a Law, b) the demand for secession by 'bihers', and c) the federal proposal, should be removed from the charter and submitted to the referendum in the future. Our party, likewise, rejects military action directed at civilian targets". Herui

Ayee beAl Turki, they masterminded few jihadi operations murdering a) Eritrean peace-corps b) A British geologist c) Planted bombs simultaneously in Tessenei and Barentu on an Eritrean independence day with the deliberate intention to take as much lives as possible d) Continues to scare away and terrorise Eritrean civilians that live around the Eritrean-Sudanese areas , and convienently think they will march the whole way to Asmara for Hagerawi waEla. Such monumental stupidity is conceivable only in the minds of the primitive Jihadists.

This is how Aboy Herui tells it:

"Keep in mind that the SPLA fought for more than two decades, militarily, in order to force the central government to the negotiation table. In this respect, what does the EDA have to offer? Not much! The EDA has no political legitimacy outside a national conference that represents all sectors of our population; so far, this umbrella organization rejects the notion of the national conference; when cornered on this issue, the leaders of the EDA declared that the national conference shall be held in Asmara. Who will bring them to Asmara?"

Yes, indeed, the weyanes can not, abKiOm iyom.The answer is nobody, and Aboy Herui knows it.

"Our party rejects political Jihad". It is easier for the camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for such medieval ideology to be the daily life in Eritrean. AMEN

 "the right of nationalities to claim secession, and the claim of the 'federalia' to butcher Eritrea into pieces of their liking, These issues may be submitted to the of referendum after Independence"Herui. Hmmm another referendum and independence?

Good luck Aboy Herui.

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