Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Since the commission's goal is to reach out to all Eritreans, have you been able to do so?


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First, the Commission has regional and sub-regional branches. The branches have many local unities throughout the world. These local unities are the primary contact interface between the Commission and the general public. Actually, they are the units of structure and function of the Commission. Second, The Commission and its branches and local units make use of many types of media outlets to reach out to the Eritrean public. both inside and outside the country. In this world of ours where modern technology made the world very small, it is not as difficult to reach out to an Eritrean who is ready to contribute in the struggle to change the unhealthy socio-economic and political life of our beloved people. The only criterion is to be ready to give a lending hand for this change. Thanks to the advancement in Internet, radio, telephone communications, our task of reaching out to our people is not that difficult, especially for those who want to hear our voices. So far, we have promising results and I hope today's meeting will help our endeavor.

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