Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Did you read Nehnan Elamanan recently? What is your opionion of Nehnan Elamanan in relation to the Charter's religeous and ethnic agendas? How can one not condemn the charter but condemn Nehnan Elamanan?

The manifesto accused Jebha or Ama of targeting and killing Christians. Is this true?




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I read the 'Nehnan lamanan' at its inception. The document was not anti-Islam; but it can be said that it was pro-Tigrinya Christians. The 'Nehnan...' pointed out that the ELF leadership was detrmined to exterminate fighters of Tigtinya origin, left them no choice but to create their own organization. This document mobilized Christian fighters to their camp; that, eventually, became the EPLF. The Shari'a law is not anti-Christian┬┤in its language, but it aims to create a political constituency organized around it. Issaias after consolidating his Tigrinja base, allied himself with the Red sea, Sahel, and Maria zones, and introduced a new anti-religion, Marxist ideology. In this respect the Labor Party was not different. It is far more logical to accuse Issaias of being anti-religion than a religious fanatic.


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