Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Would you like to respond to your critics?

As you might have read on the Internet, your statement and your acceptance to participate in this Virtual Conference have generated some discussion, comments and a few vicious attacks. The comments can be divided into the following:


1. You have lost credibility hence you are wasting your time, none will take you seriously

2.  Whenever you are denied leadership role, you start rebellion as you did in 1977 and your are now creating another falul situation, is this attack  tainted?
3. Some accuse you of doing a public stunt to gain entry to EDA

3.  There those that are taking your word and pledge that you will be honest and transparent and are waiting to hear what you have to say. Surprisingly, the youth ( in the forum) want to hear your story.




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1. The establishment of the Eritrean Congress is something to betaken seriously. I am sure you remember the red-hot attacks against my person when I was the S.G. of the ENA; as soon as I withdrew from the Leadership of the EDA, the websites seemed to have cooled off, somehow. The virtual forum seem to have awakened sleeping interest. Don't you get the feeling that some are scared!

2. The Eritrean Congress Party is a founding member of the EDA. Why do ask? Do you think that the EDA is a great opposition force?


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