Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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The inclusion of the Eritrean Jihad Movement , a militant movement that was founded by Saudi Arabia and the Muslim brotherhood from the remnants of the ELF factions ,alongside the "democartic" movements of the ENA has certainly done more damage to the already tainted credibilty and intentions of your other organizations.


The Eritrean Islam Jihad  roars like a lion anytime  its bombs  maim or kill Civilian Eritreans. The last victory they scored ( news appeared at Meskerem) was ,when they murdered 4 Eritreans near the Eritrean-Sudanese Borders. To my knowledge, there was no reaction from you or your party.


Few years ago,the movement's Secretary-general Sheikh Mohamed Amer held a news conference in Khartoum. And he had to say this:


"The Eritrean government of President Issayas Afewerki and the ruling People's Front for Democracy and Justice, the only permitted party, face armed opposition within the country from the Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement and from the Eritrean Liberation Front faction led by Abdallah Idris. Both groups are based in Sudan. At a congress held in Khartoum in September 1998, the Eritrean opposition group Harakat al Jihad al Islami (Eritrea Islamic Jihad Movement) changed its name to Harakat al Khalas al Islami (Islamic Salvation Movement). The movement has been seeking the forceful overthrow of Eritrea’s government and its replacement by an Islamic government."


In the same vein, Article 3 and 4 of the EDA charter talks about "Political Sharia and Christian laws".  The insertion of "Christian laws" exposes the ignorance of the Muslim dominated  KIDAN about the christian religion, as there no such laws that are comparable to Sharia. If anything,christian rules govern only the heart and not the state.


My Question;


Are you prepared to allow the Eritrean Jihad to impose and implement their way of life on all Eritreans (both secular muslims and Christians) and the example of the following picture be the order of the day in Eritrea??





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Our Party shall fight to install a secular state: there is no compromise on this issue. Regarding the Charter, Our party resolved in its founding congress the following: a) the Shari'a Law, b) the demand for secession by 'bihers', and c) the federal proposal, should be removed from the charter and submitted to the referendum in the future. Our party, likewise, rejects military action directed at civilian targets.


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