Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Mr. Hiruy,


I am one of the Eritreans who wish the best for Eritrea and Eritreans. I found it very embarrasing all the stuff in the opposition group talk. It really hurts to find out most of the opposition groups don't have any future and clear way forward. Everybody in Eritrea is bored by the issues of politics and war. What we are waiting is a place where we can peacefuly eat our small bread with the people whom we love.  

I would love you have the heart and the gut to take the acction which fosters the participation of every Eritrean. I was stunned to read you will stay in the power till sicknes or death deprives you the possibility of being there. All Eritreans are eager for a change of idealogy for the betterment of the country and the people not a change of presidents.

I wish you all will sacrify your energy and time to build a united and strong nation. Eritreans don't care who is in power as long as we have what we need like development, education, health services, communication, freedom of choice and above all to decide how better the resources of the country can be used for the Eritrean people. It will not help us to repeat the history of others we have to learn form other people around us.

At last what I want to ask you is when are you going to stop to being power hungry.

I don't care whether Mohamed ali or Hailemariam is in power as long as he is the right person for the post.




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This question needs to be debated by all democrats because the question of power occupies the center of politics. The study of politics, especially state politics is the study of power. We cannot involve ourselves in democratic politics without the objective of transfering dictatrial power. The political power we have in our country grew out of the barell of the gun; similarlly the power of the ENA/EDA grew out of the barrel of the gun. The democratic alternative hold that power must grows from the people. For this to occur, we need to convoke a carefully crafted national congress. Democratic power grows from a constitution (accepted by all Eritreans), a legal system drived from it, an electoral democratic system, replete with the established rules of the democratic game. What emerges from this is the democratically elected leaders. The political parties present their candidates, and the empowered Eritrean people excercise their democratic rights. The only defence of the dictator and his allies is to accuse his opponents of some kind of blind pursuit of power. The Eritrean Congress Party struggles to empower the people; it is convinced that its program is the best suited for Eritrea; and believes that it capable of lifting our country and people from the debri of failure. I hope that other parties have similar convictions, so that we may compete for the approval of our people. The accusation of power craving, as you put it, has followd me through out my revolutionary life; I shall make a distinction between the accusation and my mission, as an Eritrea lover, in answer in an othr letter. 


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