Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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I have read your statement posted in Meskerem. I agree It is your democratic right to voice your concern and the idea what you think is helpful for your people and of course for your organization.But, here is the big BUT, is it appropriate to your person and your profile now to accuse the leadership as a foreign puppet, that is waiting to be brought to power by the sena Axis ? Here is your words:

Contrary to the expectations of Mr.Khalifa, the Sana'a Forum is not in the business of imposing any political force upon the Eritrean people; furthermore, the Forum does not have any obligation to support the EDA exclusively.
... Thank you for an answer.

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The allegation of 'puppet' is strong; let us, nevertheless, reason together. The strategy of the Kidan for resolving the political impasse with the Eritrean dictatorship is based on the Southern Sudan model (CPA). Keep in mind that the SPLA fought for more than two decades, militarily, in order to force the central government to the negotiation table. In this respect, what does the EDA have to offer? Not much! The EDA has no political legitimacy outside a national conference that represents all sectors of our population; so far, this umbrella organization rejects the notion of the national conference; when cornered on this issue, the leaders of the EDA declared that the national conference shall be held in Asmara. Who will bring them to Asmara? The EDA seems to hope that they would be part of the over-all regional solution. No! they are not puppets; but they seem to latch their strategy for democratic liberation on what others can do for them. Looked at from the perspective of Issaias, it is difficult to perceive that he would accept the demands of the EDA.


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