Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Do you have contact with any Eritrean political organization, party, civic association, media outlet..

Do you have any contact with any foreign governments, organizations, parties, non-profit organizations, democracy and human rights institutions?

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In principle, the Commission supports relationships with Eritrean organization, be they political or otherwise. In the first phase, the Commission made calls to all interested groups and individuals who support the struggle for the democratization of Eritrea. It is in the plans of the Commission to make good working relations and co-operations with these bodies during the remaining tasks. The Commission will also assess the possibilities of establishing   good working relations with other International Organizations who support its mission.


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One thing to keep in mind is that the commission's aspiration and reason for existence is to group organizations and individuals who hold similar ideas into a solid and workable party.  In doing so, it is not only essential; but advisable to have contact with as many people as possible, especially when they are interested in similar goals.  


In order to meet our goal of having discussions with all Eritrean persons who are interested in the formation of the new party, we must of course have contact with Eritrean groups and individuals.  


As for the Eritrean media, we use them as well as all other media sources we have access to in order to deliver our message to the Eritrean people.  


The commission members are concerned with the future of Eritrea and are dedicated to improving the lives of Eritrean citizens, not other organizations, parties or governments.   To that end, the commission may establish relations with foreign institutions.  


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