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This is to invite participants to ask Mr. Hiruy question pertaining to his tenure as Secretary General of the Eritrean National Alliance.

Since no one has posted a question yet, may I?


This is one of the most important issue that needs to be clarified.

Please tell us how you came to Addis before the ENA meeting in 2002? Were you invited by the Ethiopian government? What was the role of Twekel?

In your interview with Walta you bashed the ENA, yet you suddenly became its Secretary General, which led to the walk out by the ELF-RC on account that you were imposed/installed by the Ethiopian regime. Concerned organizations approached the Ethiopian government and demanded an answer. The Ethiopian government is alleged to have said that they did not actually tell the organizations to elect you but suggested that you would be a better leader..lobbied on your behalf per-se.  You are also alleged to have responding in the meet in of the ENA that " they told me/ encouraged me/said to me to lead the ENA".

Invoking the name of martyrs and your promise to tell the truth  to the public that you so forcefully express respect, please answer this question: straight:


Did the Ethiopian government in any form or shape, be it through suggestion, lobby, indirect showing preference by giving you the "red carpet" treatment, giving instruction to its "closest allies" or otherwise played a role in your election to the position of the secretary general of the ENA in your first ever attendance of an ENA leadership meeting?

Do you feel now that the same forces that allowed you to become the secretary general are now throwing you out?



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Let me state the facts before dealing the Bela-below. I shall answer questions directed to me. but for eethical reasons I shall not answer put words into the mouths of personalites not invloved in this conference. I spoke to a member of the Ethiopian government over the phone and agreed to visit Addis, with the purpose of putting across the views of the Eritrean Cooperative Party, and in order to discuss the state of Eritrean/Ethiopian conflict. The meeting of the the ENA was supposed to be held before my visit; however I learned from friends that the meeting of the ENA was delayed - we decided with my comrades that the delay would give us the opportunity to register our party with the ENA. Once in Addis, we registered our application to join the ENA; the reluctance of a sector of the ENA to accept the party, and its desire to accept me as an individual, convinced me that it was best to work with the National Democratic Front, and the Red Sea Afar organization. In the end, the side that wished to include us in the ENA won; it was in this manner that our party joined the ENA. There wa no implicit or explicit agreement between the Ethiopian authorities and myself. let me put this speculation at rest. As soon as I joined the ENA, there emerged a consensus in the organization about my candidacy. In the end it was agreed that the ENA would be reorganized to accommodate my candidacy, and that of Mr. Abdella (may he recover speedily). That was the reason the leadership of the ENA was split into the legislative and the executive bodies. We agreed among ourselves that I would occupy the post of Secretary General; and my friend Abdella, would become the Chairman of the ENA. All this did not involve our neighbors; it was a purely an Eritrean affair. I am afraid the other organizations would have to answer for themselves. There is no particular force that threw me out of the leadership, to use your style, I withdrew voluntarily. The ELF-RC that was taken by surprise by the consesus to elect me, made wild accusations and conducted a relentless campaign against my person. let me point out that the accusation was retracted in the conference of the ELF-RC, held in Addis.    


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