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His  Excellence:


1) It is natural for any government to oppose another government,but it is rare when a government of a country becomes the enemy of a government and its population. The Weyanes are the enemies of the Eritrean people.This is an established fact.Before you became the leader of the Eritrean National Alliance, you used to downgrade and label the organisation as Weyane- stooges and traitors. Soon after that, you associated yourself with the Weyanes. Using your own definition,is it right to refer to you as a Traitor, regardless of the time and space as to when you began working with them closely? If not,why would you be immune from such labeling?


2) At one point in time, you claimed to have 700,000 followers.That would make something like 90% of the diaspora Eritreans.I would like to know where they are hiding.?If you were running for the office of the president, what

would you tell ( reasons for working with those who robbed them) the 70,000+ Eritreans who lost all their wealth before being deported to get their vote?



I never accused the ENA of being traitors: please go back to the first TV interview I registered with Kiros in Stockholm. I defended Abdella Idris and the ENA; check also my speech at the kessel festival in 2001. The opposition organizations influence the Eritrean refugees in the Sudan as well as the Diaspora. The ENA has registered its views and lodged its complaints to the Ethiopian authorities on behalf of Eritreans who lost their livelihood.

May I add that I tend to agree with the remarks of Kahsay Ghidey.





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Zegemfo statement would have been complete if comparisons were also added  in regard our governmet's past and present ties with the Weyane and Kinijit. Impartial judgement makes no sense. Singling out singles hiding the main thing is no good.


GoE and Weyane were body/body and now enemy/enemy

GoE and Kinjit now body/body.


The flipflap is all over. The difference is what is that for and why. The big picture is in Eritrea. Is our government a democratic? The opposition think it is dictarorship. They are opposing. There is problem here. The opposition are blaming of each other for doing not right here and there. Their relationship with the neighboring coutries is unjustifiable what so ever in the eyes of our government as long as it remains rival with the neighbors. Lets find out what we can learn from Herui.

Kahsai Ghilai

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In case you didn't know, this conference is between Ato Hurui and the participants.


In another thread, when you invited your self to take the  place  of Ato Hurui, Ftwi told you, politely:  " ብመጀመርያ እቲ ሕቶ ናብ ኣቶ ሕሩይ እዩ ተወጂሁ ነይሩ። ስለዚ ንሱ ክምልሰሉ ነይሩዎ። "


And now, you are doing it here, in this thread, again.

So, did Ato Hurui ask you for help ? If not, can you tell us what is itching you?



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Originally Posted by Kahsai

GoE and Kinjit now body/body.




Before you accuse someone you need to put your records straight. To help you do that I recommend you to visit this link.


After you read the above link I hope you will grasp something about the position of Kinijit on Eritrea or the GoE for that matter. If you still insist on your assertion though [GoE and Kinjit now body/body.], then you both don’t understand and follow our region's politics or you are deliberately twisting facts to deceive people.


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