Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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I really applaud your dedication to the motherlnad.

why do you bother with these remnants of the seventies anyway?

They are delusional and really heart me to say this ..but they have reached a point in the their life that nothing else matters beside licking their wounds from their failed past.

We need young people to taker over ..not tegadelti in their sixties ….
Now they are like little dogs meeting in Addis with the blessing of the same individual that is causing miseries to their own people they are supposed to represent. And they are excited when they meet Fraser and US reps.
How naive and gullible they are! The US and Ethiopia stoped beliveing in them the minute they formed their so -called united party. They are just used as toys ...
No wonder they can barely attract 50 people in their town meetings in the diaspora.



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People like you are those who are married to the past and be kept hostage of their own past.


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Hirgigo, I hope you ask yourself what you have just written. I would not like to get mad at an already mad person.


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It would be helpful if you fight for your own rights and interests. If I were you I would ask myself 'what have I done lately to change the repressive government' and improve the situation of my fathers, mothers, children who being terrorized in their own country.

I think it is very important not to be emotional and engulf yourself with all kinds of hatred as well as  ELF vs EPLF divide. We need to leave this behind us and engage in matured discussion, respecting our differences. You have as much stake as anybody else in Eritrea.

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What have YOU DONE to the misery of our people beside whining and diatribing in the comfort of your suburbian house?
Tell me how is this meeting in addis going to be any different from the many meetings held before? How is this meeting with remnants of the past , mujuhadins,sole proprietorship-type of parties going to achieve what you just said?

Wake up! Change does not come from outside but within...if only those so called tegadeilty that fled Eritrea were brave enough and fight from within...instead of asking ayslum in Europe and live on welfare for their rest of their life...


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You are changing the subject. I didn't talk what others are doing in Addis or Sudan or China for that matter. You are entitled to your own ideas. But
"remnants of the past, Mujaheddin.." weren't part of my discussion. If you have a problem with that, it is your prerogative. But where is the connection between your claim and the party debate.

Again it is a matter of judgment. You might choose to struggle from within, and others might choose from outside depending on a given circumstance one faces. Or better a combination of the two. Again, this has nothing to do with the party formation discussion.

On the asylum issue, I am not sure what you are trying to say here. Who are you to say who should flee and who shouldn't to Europe or other countries. You seem to miss the whole point. Eritrean people are fleeing from the tyrannical government. Eritrean people are defenseless at this hour. They are being terrorized by a bunch of thugs who happen to own the guns. You can always choose not to believe it, but that is the reality.

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Thank you for your comments


You say that people are fleeing the "Eritrean tyrannical government” …Where are you living?


People are fleeing the economy …just like Ethiopians are fleeing in hordes to Yemen, Senegalese, Malians, Ghanaians, and other African countries are fleeing for a better life to Europe… Stop politicizing this issue to suit your political agendas.


Kids are fleeing because it has been too long for them – over 12 years in the trenches – and why? Because your MASTERS in ADDIS are counting on their refusal to accept the border ruling- to have Eritreans, your brothers and sisters, go about to their daily life. AND THAT IS THE REASON WHY THEY ARE FLEEING!

What is my beef with this so-called meeting? Instead of talking about what is really mattering in
Eritrea –symptoms- (the refusal of the border ruling by your masters) we talk about the impact of this impasse.


That is the reason why so very few of us manage to follow this circus in Addis.



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Thanks Hirgigo
Good Job
"Wecho Entegelbetkaio Wecho!" Kulom Wocho Eiom!

"Ane Hatsirini Ybil Nisu Kea Tedebiru Ysiesie"


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The main subject of the discussion is 'on party formation.' But you chose to side track the issue Wodi Adey. Let me try if I can relate something to your  points.
You talked about economy. It is the economy, you are right. And what is the basis of the economic problems in Eritrea, one might ask. You see, when a country falls under a brutal dictator like ours, citizens line up for bread and other basic necessities. In fact, there is a name for it; they call it rationing. Does this ring a bell to you? I say let's stand up and establish a popular party and liberate our people from the tyranny. Are you ready.
You are within you right to come up with all kinds of comparisons and analogies, but it wouldn't change the picture of my country. You are within your right to look the other way, too. Historically, supporters and sympathizers of dictators hardly notice the evil practices of their masters until the last minute. Guess what, the story goes like this, kemzi aymeselenan neyru. You can quote me on that. But I say come to the opposition side; it is not too late;and help build your own party for justice and rule of law.
"Ethiopians ... and other countries are fleeing for a better life ... ", you said. This is convoluted analysis of yours. Well, let's talk some facts. There are thousands of Eritreans living in Tigray, Ethiopia as refugees (Those who fled from their beloved country). Thousands are in Sudan, Yemen, Libya, and other countries. Now, how many Sudanese, Ethiopians, Libyans, or Yemenis are in Eritrea as refugees (I mean how many Shimelbas do we have in Eritrea). None. Similarly, I haven't seen citizens of Sudan, Ethiopia or Yemen lining up for bread, sugar, Berbere, Zeti, gasoline ... etc. Have you? I want to know. Now go ahead and give me the usual mantra: it is Ethiopia, it is USA, it is everybody. Or better go further one step, and hide behind Eritrean ism, Hagrnet, our Independence simply to defend the tyranny in our country. This is the magic bullet of Isayas' regime. Again, I say you can redeem yourself and fight for your god given rights; it is also the right thing to oppose the dictator and still be Eritrean. You see opposing the dictator doesn't make you unEritrean. Think about it.
You talked about border ruling. I am not sure what you are trying to say here other than repeating what the dictator always say. The discussion was about party formation. We weren't discussing an already formed party. So, when the party becomes officially party, it will craft its own policies starting from border ruling to other numerous policy matters. Stay tuned. But if you want your interest and rights to be reflected in the party, join it.
Everything boils down to one thing: dictators are enemies of their own people. Isayas is exactly that. Again, we may have different perspectives on the situation in our country, but one thing is clear: we have a dictator in our back yard terrorizing us all. You don't have to support the opposition, but at least be truthful to yourself. if you are interested in the draft platform, please visit



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