Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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it has been quetioned but not answered yet ?
Who are the commission members?and their backgrounds?
since biography play a big role in Eritrean poletics please verify it for us

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They are all in the fields doing the tasks of the Commission and you will meet them if you are ready for a fruitful engagement. For today, you have me and I hope, by now, you have a good knowledge of my background and my biography


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Thank you for the answer commission.
But still it is not to my sutisfaction.As you mentioned it there are 49 members of the commission already there,despite the declaration of the party formation long time ago ,the selection of the members is still confusing or
we are left in the my question is still why dont you provide us the list of the members?.
our experience do not let us accept any attempt to Form a party or group all inclusive with out accountabilty.

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