Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Esteemed members of the commission, bayto, and visitors:

On behalf of meskerem, I would like to thank you all for  participating in today's Virtual Town Hall Meeting. We believe it was a great success.There were 7345 views until 8:32 pm EST. It was civilized and serious. A new way of doing politics has emerged.

We were able to learn about the Joint Party Formation Commission, its membership, its role and its relationship with ELF-RC. We don't intend to give a summary of the discussion because such evaluation should be left/given to you all.

There were few questions that were not answered, some questions raised more questions but most were answered.

The forum will be open for discussion for the next weeks. Please do visit the forum, post your questions and share your views. The commission has volunteered to visit the forum often, answer questions and discuss with us all for the next two weeks. The commission promises that it will not leave any question unanswered. ( they must be desprate or they must be for real...)

Regardless of what we might think of the commission, the commission has ushered a new political era and raised the bar. Transparency and paticipatory. We all have declared that the old days of doing politics are over; we all have witnessed that the best politics is politics that is open and participatory.

We now invite the commission and all participants to give concluding statements/comments. The commission told us that comments, inputs, criticisms of the participants will be taken seriously and will be discussed by the commission.

We thank you again. Keep tuned for the next Virtual Town Hall meeting with Eritrean Democratic Party.

Now to your concluding statements:
Please create your own topic titled concluding statement/comment

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In conclusion, we thank Meskerem for facilitating this conference and all participants for their interest and inputs. The essence of the formation of a Joint Party Commission is to give an opportunity for all Eritreans who aspire to build a democratic Eritrea where human dignity is upheld, rule of law prevails, social justice and prosperity is ascertained. Thus, it is an opportunity which should not be missed.


On this, occasion, we invite all who share the same aspirations to be a part of this historic process.  The Commission would, especially, like to call the young generation to be the leaders of the new paradigm. It would like to emphasis on that the young is the agent of change and should assume their societal responsibilities to change the blight of their people. Educated Eritreans in general and the young educated in particular, are called to join and lead the dynamics of political change by coming out from the world of fear and suspicion that has been created and perpetuated by the unfortunate negative experience of our recent past. We know that families that have paid for our education out of their income are suffering from all sorts of unjustified and arbitrary rules of the dictatorial regime.  Thus, I would like to call upon all my former students, colleagues, and educators and intellectuals to join the forces of change for the democratization, rule of law, and social justice and above all to emancipate the society that paid for our education from the whims of hunger, disease, underdevelopment and lose of cultural identify.  The Commission also would like to call upon all civic societies and religious organization to raise their voices against the social injustice that is befallen in our people and help create an environment for a political change in Eritrea.   We hope and believe this will accelerate the demise of the dictatorial regime in Eritrea.


The Commission

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