Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Eritreans are the most brainwashed, irrational society on earth, that dedicates every Little thing they have,towards war and destruction, a society that knows nothing but digging trenches,
I wonder if there is any psychologist who can help the Eritrean society, on what life is all about?.....Is any Eritrean aware of words such us peace, love, and harmony?....I doubt it, seems they are actually proud of being every thing that a person with a right mind would be ashamed of.....such as being enslaved by Italians and being a pain in the ass.........I always wonder where they get this idea that the whole world is against them.....
what important commodity do they think they have for the world to even acknowledge their presence?.....

I just hope their empty patriotism is not going to cost them their it seems, the most productive and young part of society is busy digging fight the world.....
As the number of more productive male part of their society declines, the Eritrean women all over the world (brain washed not to marry non Eritrean) now have shortage of Eritrean Men.....and the few available are to No use, as they luck social skills due to time spent fighting........they can not love as they have never heard of Love songs, you can hardly find an Eritrean love song this days, so when will Eritreans start to see the difference between reality and fantasy?....Can any Eritrean help me with this?.......
Eriiii boy.......
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