Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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posted by Ghirmay

Today at 01:53 PM
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dear professor, would you tell us about your academic background and your work experience before we get in detail about the constitution?


thank you



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Ghirmay asks me to say something about my academic background and work experience.
I have answered this question in summary by citing the statement of the UCLA Law School made on the occasion of my Memorial Lecture last year. But I will say a few words to answer the question
With respect to my educational background, I was trained as a lawyer in England, where I first obtained the LL.B degree, following which I worked in the Ethiopian government for eight years. I resigned from the government in 1964 and, after one year's fellowship at UCLA , I went back to my Alma Mater, the University of London in 1965, and worked on my doctorate, gaining the degree of PhD.D in law from SOAS of the University of London. The topic of my dissertation was constitutional development in Africa, which was later published (in 1974) by Heinamann of London under the title "The Executive in African Governments." The book was widely used as a text in Law Schools and Departments of political science in Africa.
After receiving my PhD, my plan was to go back to Ethiopia and become a professor of law at the newly opened Law School. That was not to be; Emperor Haile Selassie banished me to a distant province where I remained for three years. I was under groundless suspicion that I was a memebr of "Jebha's leadership!"
I was not even a memebr of the ELF, though I followed events in teh Field, from the distance. But teh Emperor and his security machine were convinced that I was a "wombedie."

My work experience became varied, for in addition to my previous experience in the law field (as judge, Attorney General) I became in involved in administrative work as Mayor of Harar, then as Vice Minister of Interior in charge of law and development. For personal family reasons, I left Ethiopia in late 1972 and came to Washington DC to work in the World Bank as an attorney in the legal department. My work experience is thus divided between law and public administration.

Of course I was a member of the EPLF between 1975 and 1991, and was the founding Chairman of the Eritrean Relief Association (ERA).
My full time teaching career began in 1977 and has become my career for life. I enjoy my life and career. As we say in Tigrigna, "Kemaysi niKullu yigberellu".
I hope this answers your question, Ghirmay.

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  Dear,Professor Bereket


    I really appreciate the answer you gave me in regard to your academic career and work experience and I would like to thank you again and I proud of you. Kemakum yemaslnna


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