Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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I found hard to believe that there are some people who didn’t trust the pictures. I saw the 3 pictures and there is a human body on the street, if f you can’t see this you must be a blind.
If you believe the Ministry Of Information response. Can you answer these simple questions.

1-If the person is a “drunk/car thief”, what are the two soldiers doing beside him. Why not ask/force the person to move from street to clear the road for incoming cars?.
2- If the person is “ drunk or a car thief, how come there is no movement (On all three pictures same position)?.
3- Why is the red car blocked the street?
4-Why not interview the people who was standing there including the two soldiers?
5-If the government is confident, why not sue the Italian newspaper?

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Dear Mike,

only who doesn't want to see do not see.

The 3 pictures are only the summit of on iceberg full of repression and violence.

Do you remember during the nazi time? There where people that do not want to see the lager. The same guys during the Stalin time didn't want to see the gulag.

This is the history.



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