Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Reply with quote  #1 and Dr. Massimo Alberizzi,

This whole exercise is starting to sound like a joke. Practically what we are being told is that, this first class reporter and an editor, does not know when this happened, Date, Time, even if it is in the morning or afternoon? Does not know if the man that he reported as murdered is dead or not. He does not know if there are more pictures or not? He does not know how long the diplomat witnessed this event. Basically, we are not getting the elementary facts of the colossal accusation.

What does he know then? It is an hour and 15 min into this “virtual conference” no pertinent information regarding this photos or event has been answered? Why?

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Dear Ermias,

I will answer to your last question: Why? It is very simple, because the people, nowadays, are afraid to finish in prison. They are terrified. It is just a big scoop that the pictures were able to come out of Eritrea.


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This shows they have nothing for those who want to know details. The story was for the gullibes who are eager to hear that kind of story from Eritrea.. too sad indeed


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Myname....I hear you. this is a farce

Dr. Massimo Alberizzi,
You are the reporter; you have to verify these simple questions at least if this event took place in the morning or afternoon. Is he person dead? Without details how do you verify the veracity of the story? So as a reporter, at least tell as what your follow up questions you asked the unknown diplomat? Did he take more pictures?
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