Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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The posted party program is nothing but a collection of plagiarized articles from sister organizations.You can read and see but nothing special and new.Any party,for that matter,should come first with new visions and approach as to how to resolve the current political impasse in Eritrea.The nine-paged program ;as said is nothing but a political jurgeon.I bet ELF-RC to continue with its previous stand and program.The party program will not immune ELF_RC from its past crimes or prizies.Nor will help to approach the PFDJ regime unless the Meskerem website plays as a mediator.And we are eying what weddi General Goitoom is doing.We will see how much  Alem Goitom will be paid.


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Aside from the "plagiarism and nothing special and new" sort of diatribe you posted, you haven't made your point. You just made erroneous statements; I guess that is what you had planned to do. I believe this is not productive and engaging at all. The commission members made their points to the public and we ought to engage them without changing the course of the discussion. Semere, you haven't done that. Have you? Allow me to say few things. 

You said, "nothing special and new" referring to the draft platform. What were you expecting? Did you have something different in mind? Regardless of your motive, I believe you can contribute and enrich the draft platform. Even if you disagree with the draft, at least make your point why the draft platform is not appealing to you. I don't expect everyone to accept the draft. My problem with your approach is that your are not giving a reason why you don't support it. It would help if you did that. But you didn't. What you gave everybody was anger. Now, I encourage you to do the right thing.

You said, "I bet ELF-RC to continue with its previous stand and program." What is your concern here? I like to know. But if you think or believe that the party formation is being manipulated by ELF-RC for its own end, this might be a legitimate question given the political culture we all grew up. And we can debate on this. Yet, my understanding on the issue at hand is as follows: the commission is independent, ELF-RC has decided to dissolve itself (this is public record), and Eritrean people (independents/political groups/organizations) are invited to own the process. The thrust of the issue is to involve, to add your voice, and to cast your vote. This is the only way you can fight and liberate yourself from whatever fear and concern you have. You have to fight against your fears for your own sake. I invite you to do so.

The last one, "the party program will not immune ELF-RC from its past crimes or prizes." You have the right to know as a citizen if there are crimes committed by ELF-RC. The burden of proof is on you. I don't have a problem with that. But I failed to see the connection between the party formation and the crimes you claimed ELF-RC committed. It seems you are severely angry and bitter that you have a problem to put things in their proper perspective. Avoid spewing hatred and anger; it makes you blind. We all care about our country. I am not your enemy because I oppose the dictator in my country. Don't try to silence those who oppose the tyranny. Understand that you are as equally Eritrean as anybody else. Now, we are dealing with the party formation and not ELF-RC. The ELF-RC that you know will be history within the next sixteen or less months. I encourage you to participate in the process. For more info on the draft platform, please visit

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