Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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The answer:
"Per capita we could be the wealthiest, I am quiet sure and I am confident we could be the wealthiest. Now of course the reality is not as promising as one can see, but if we can implement programs impacting on the economy of this country and if regional and global circumstances help in a way, definitely with all the drive we have now and the qualities we mentioned earlier about responsible people, hard working people, confident people, you can imagine that. I may not quantitatively say but qualitatively we will be not less than any advanced country in the region. Even the oil rich countries, we may not brag about being as wealthy as those countries per capital. But generally speaking we will be one of the major economic units in this region."

PIA Interview:

Let's hope


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If the .... and likes leave us alone ,there is no reason why it can't happen. during no peace no war, a lot of changes has been made. look what shewawa(Meles) is saying.  he wants as to leave in no peace no war situation.

Andrew Simmons: You started on this issue by sounding very pessimistic; do you think there's a danger that there could be war again?

Zenawi: We have no intention of going to war with Eritrea again, we would not want to do so, I believe the Eritreans recognise that it's in their interests to try it again and so the likelihood of war is not as high as some people think. Nevertheless that doesn't mean there's going to be peace, it could mean that the current status of stalemate and tension could persist for months and perhaps years.

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