Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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With all the respect I have, I have hard time to understand the cat fight you are in with EDA. You were asked to join it ,but when you find out that the smaller the org. ,the smaller representation. You decided to join with other six org. to get bigger share at EDA. 3 of those org withdrew from the 7 union and EDA leadership was not able to make a decision to accept your org , the 4 or the 7. It become so confusing. Now that you are in a cat fight with EDA leadership to underestimate the negative role you played for the last 12 month or so my way or the highway. Mr. Hiruy the opposition being through many ups and downs mainly due to power struggle between individual figures is at stand still. This is for the benefit of PFDJ. Are you read to lead and follow ? Many of us including you are getting old , is this what we want to leave behind--weak devided opposition and hostile dictatorship to our beloved country ?




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Thank you for your comments and your question! Let us lay out the facts of the matter: 1) With the encouragement of the leaders of our region, and in my capacity as the S.G. of the Alliance, I was the one who laid the ground for what later was named 'Kidan'; in other words, I invited; I was not invited. 2) The small/large organization ploy was the result of a conspiracy, led by Mr Khalifa (follow my recent interview with TV Zete). 3) If you were following the correspondence between our Party and Mr. Khalifa, as you claim, you would have not taken an unjust view of the entire exercise. Mr. Khalifa and his fellow conspirators tried to remove us from the struggle against the dictatorship; our response was merely to point out that our party is a legal member of the EDA. In your opinion, is it not better for seven organizations to unite into one party in order to better fight for democracy? Unfortunately, Mr. Khalifa and his cohorts fought against us instead of focusing their energies on the struggle for democracy. There is no Eritrean force that can stop the Eritrean Congress Party from fighting against despotism in our country. They tried to stop us in 1975; they killed the best in our ranks; but that did not stop us! In 2000 the democratic movement initiated the democratic struggle, provided it with novel ideas, and equipped it with a new political language; they tried to stop us at every step of the way; look where it has landed them. Yes, you and I are not young any longer; nevertheless, we shall never stop fighting for the rights of our people. It is about time people realized that the massive campaign of defamation directed against our Party has been caused by our Adi/Ad strategy. Yes, we do believe that the Adi land should be distributed among the Adi/Ad inhabitants. We also believe that democracy thrives best when it is structured from the Adi's upwards. Whatever the religious, regional, and tribal differences of Eritrea may be, the economic and political imperatives of the Adi strategy are the basis of Eritrean unity.  


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