Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Did you have any relationship with the Eritrean government? Do you have any relationship with the Eritrean government now? Have you approached or spoken to  the Eritrean government or its supporters after you wrote this explosive article? 


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I have often been to Eritrea since the time of the liberation war. I have several interviews with President Isayas, that I considered a freedom fighter. My family was the first turist in liberated Eritrea ('91). I knew the late Amdemikael Kasai, Petros Salomon, Haile Woldetensae, Yemane Gebremeskel, I met the generals WucciĆ¹ and China.

I was guest in Hotel Ambassoira and a plane was waiting for me at the airoprt because the elevator in Nyala Hotel trapped me inside.

But I was surprised when during an interview on the 19th  November 1991 (if I remember well) I asked to president Isayas why he didn't open the international telephone lines. In fact, many Eritreans in Italy were very upset that they cannot communicate with their families living in Eritrea. Isayas answered. "Till we don't have our independent country code, we do not open the lines". A very strange behaviour.

Anyway during the war in 2000, I discover the camp of civilian Ethiopian detenee near Mendefera. Yemane Gebremeskel wasn't very happy!

At the end, during my assignment as consultant of the panel of the investigation of trade of weapons in Somalia, I was blocked by the Eritrean police at the Asmara airport.


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