Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Should a declared Jihadist party, a Moslem Brotherhood party, or an Islamist party be allowed to exist in the Eritrea that you envision? Should  a declared Christian party or organization be allowed to exist?
Should a declared religious or awarajawa organization or party be allowed to exist and participate in the political process of the Eritrea that the party envisions?


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The issues raised by Hmbol are the mandates of the Eritrea people to make the decision. The Commission is deemed to found a new mass-based political party which will struggle to give the Eritrea public the power to decide on matters and issues of interest of which what Humbol raised are some.


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Upon reading the draft platform of the party, I found out that the party supports a secular government in future Eritrea. The party upholds separation of state and church.

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A political party should be in a position with defined political agenda. For the simple question of defining your principle the commission's answer was far from satisfactory. You have to sell what you believe  not buy what others believe and resell it. otherwise it will be chaotic.
Million heads have a million ways of doing things, what i suggest you is to go to the drawing table and reconsider your position.

Hope something good come out of this.


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With all due respect, there is less clarity in your analysis. I am not sure what 'defined political agenda or defining prinicple' mean. If you are referring to the draft platform, it is out in the public. It is considered draft until the party convenes and approves the platform. Between now and the time of the congress, I believe you can critique it, suggest addition or deletion, improve it, supplement it, and review it. The party is in the formation process. I suggest you participate and add your own input. You can make it your party. You can make a difference. If you are looking for a specific 'agenda or principle', just join the process. Also, check for the draft platform prepared in Tigringa and arabic.


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