Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Dear Party Formation Commission,

As you must know, very few Diaspora raised Eritreans can read Tigrinya. It would be helpful if you party platform can be translated in English, Swedish, German, etc.

Many of us grew up in Western Countries. While we have decent command of conversational Tigrinya, our Tigrinya reading skills are limited to non-existent.

We have excellent command of the languages of our host countries, though.

I think it is crucial to include the "Westernized" young Eritreans in this venture. Many are already politically active in organizations such as Amnesty International, College Campus groups, the recent Barack Obama presidential campaign in the US.

Unfortunately, due to this language barrier, their understanding of Eritrean politics is still very basic. Many of these naive youth face active recruitment by the PFDJ-leaning organizations such as NUEYS and of course, YPFDJ.

Personally, I was unaware of the purposes of the Joint Party Formation Commission until I clicked on Adal Forum TODAY.  I visit opposition sites almost daily and have seen the JPFC links for months. But they were always  in Tigrinya.. Until today, I had no idea what they were for.

So, you see, even an interested young Turk  was unable to find
out the JPFC purpose. That can not be good for the broad based party that you are interested in forming.

A few additional ideas for the general Diaspora Eritrean public.

1. Town hall meetings for cities with large Eritrean populations. Or visits by  JPFC commissioners for cities that have a small Eritrean population.

2. Mail outs of flyers announcing town hall meetings or just announcing the purpose of the JPFC. For example, just send a mailer to anyone in Seattle that has a habesha sounding name.

3. A website for the Commission. is still associated with the ELF-RC. It wouldn't be the clean break that the JPFC hopes to be.

4. Internet campaigning similar to the American Presidential candidates.
If I can get emails from Obama and Clinton, Can the JPFC duplicate this and find me as well?..

That is enough for now. I want to commend the ELF-RC for trying this great experiment in democratization. This is truly revolutionary.

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