Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Concluding this conference...

May I,  again and  on behalf of all us, thank you. We sure have learned more and many questions have been answered. You can not satisfy everyone, but you sure did answer all the questions and tried your best.


We will leave this forum as it is. Please visit us sometimes and see if there any questions posted that needed to be responded to. We will keep it moderated to continue the smooth flow of information,
Can we do this again?


thank you




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thanks Dr Massimo Alberizzi  for exposing the regime to the world.

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Thank you very much to everybody,

I love Eritrea and I hope to be able to visit it again.

According with the Meskerem team this forum will stay open. I will check it from time to time.

Massimo A. Alberizzi


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Dr. Alberizzi,


I don't think you have given us a clear answer to any of the questions you have been asked. I am sure many feel the same. I also don't think you should be making any political comments at all, you want to be a journalist remain an impartial journalist, if you would like to get involved in politics then take the journaism mask off and be a politician. We call those people who use a journalist card when they get busted as agents with mission to distort facts and damage a sovereign nation.


Thank you

UNSC, US, EU AND AU are responsible to all ills in Eritrea. The EEBC Verdict is Final & Binding

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My job is to write articles and give information to the people that want to have information. Everything I said is well checked. If you want to believe you can, if you prefer to be sceptical go ahead. It is not part of my job to convince anybody.


Nevertheless, I have my opinion and I can explain it. The regime is the worst dictatorial in Africa. Without constitution, budget of the State, free press, opposition parties. The government act illegally and has militarised the country. It has a good propaganda apparatus that influenced the Eritrean souls.


I cannot be impartial. I don’t want to be in complicity with this government that destroyed the lifes of his sons and daughters. Can you be impartial in front of the Nazi lager or the Soviet gulags?


You think that it is a good and democratic government? You can think what you want. It’s you business. But please give me some evidence: Let me go to make an interview with Petros Solomon or Haile Woldetensae, even in prison. After we can discuss again.




Massimo A. Alberizzi

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