Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Esteemed members and visitors:

As we get closer to Virtual Press Conference with Prof Bereket Habte Sellasie on June 11, 2006 @ 10:00 am,  we have the opportunity to read introductory statement by Prof Bereket.

The Making of the Eritrean Constitution:

A summary account to provide a framework for the discussion of June 11, 2006. By Professor Bereket Habte Selassie June 6, 2006


You are welcome to post preliminary questions..


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The Eritrean constitution is written and available on the official Eritrean websites.Is this means that the constitution is accepted, but not implemented yet by the Eritrean government.If not why?.


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being in the website doesnot mean accepted;the way it is constutinalized is acceptable;moreover the full participation of the society can be confirmed with an indicator of his awarness to the constituition.


selam n hagerey

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I have read the full searchable Eritrean Constitution in


1 - Do you know of any writers of the Constitution? If you do please tell me some and what they did for it.

2 - Why there is no effective date in the Constitution? Have the writers  considered?


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My Question to the good professor: according to the constitution, could the president of the state be the chairman of the national assembly? if so, doesnt that contradict the basic principle of democracy: independence of the judiciary branch and the executive branch? If the president of the state is the chairman of the assembly; does he has one third vote in the assembly? how does it work and how is it supposed to work. Thank you Professor Bereket

Eritrea for Eritreans! Reclaiming our voice through non-violent struggle! Opposition to Ethiopia's interference in Eritrea's affairs!

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dear professor, would you tell us about your academic background and your work experience before we get in detail about the constitution?


thank you

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