Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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I would like to thank to this brave diplomat who spread this horrible unjustice of the government.where things are hidden for a long time from the face of the we know still now we din't find witnesses and proves but the youth were killed, am sure there are many witnesses but they are afraid of putting their lives in danger, and now we should continue to tell the truth about this dictatorial government.I wanna give my message to the persons(Isayas and his followers)that no matter your confusing words and questions at this moment your unhuman action can't be hidden from the world                                            

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Dear Kederay,

I agree with you. The problem it is not one picture but the Eritrea itself. “When the finger indicates the moon, the stupid look at the finger". In this case it is not only question of stupidity...

I really don’t know if the boy is dead. I didn’t touch his body to verify if it was cold. The witness the gave me the information was a trustable person. Lover of Eritrea.  I ask confirmation even to somebody else. The witness didn’t stepped off the car to verify if the young man was really dead.

But…. There is the difference between a wounded or a killed young man. The regime is less guilty if his soldiers instead to kill, wound the person?


This pictures are very well know even inside the Ministries in Asmara. They circulated even inside the PDJE officials. All the diplomats in the Eritrean capital know the story!


Ciao Kereday






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