Mass Media and Free Press in Eritrea
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Hello every one I would like to contribute my article on the be halve of Norway formation commission on clarifying the mean to Unity for strangthing our opposing and for the formation of party which leads down the dictators .
             We as developing country we need to come together as one no matter what difference we have no matter what Main difference are among political programs. I think we all believe in Multy system party's that is why we are opposing from out side eritrea and we also believe there is a huge problem that is still happening in Eritrea so I think we don't need to work separately even in a developed country's like Europa and US they are collection of States believing UNITY is power the European union are running to establish one president for all while this is the way haw things are solved why are we looking to wards our weakness and work separately if we do believe that one Revelation is stronger then the other if we also believe in Multy system then the people will solve during the time of election since the coming  administration is belived in multy party's respect and encouragement to introduce their political programs so as to me I haven't spend a Minuit for forcing the commission in one to the other.

thank you for reading my article

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