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Who makes the selection?



 Ato Hurui:


Well come back, and thank you for coming back.


On top of "ብዓወት ተዛዚሙ" , another EDA's favorite phrase is "democratically elected".


And so, the EDA has told us that the leaders were "democratically elected".


In your interview, you stated that no body was elected and the 9 names were selected and read in front of you.


Now, "ካብ ሳዕሳዕክንሲ: ተቖጻጸያ" እዩ' , can you tell us who makes this selection? Mr. Khalipha? Hanjema, Weyane? Sanaa tripartite? 







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I can almost hear you chuckling over some private joke; good luck! The strategy of the Kidan is to copycat the CPA; namely, the North/South Sudan settlement. This stance is formulated as follows: 'the aim of the Kidan is to replace the Afwerki dictatorship.' This means that its strategy is to replace the Afwerki dictatorship with their own dictatorship. They claim that their monopoly over the religions and nationalities of Eritrea, spread over the Eritrean political space, makes them eligible to become the future rulers of our country. Departing from this strategy, they outlined the following policy: that member organizations that are obstacles to the process of negotiations with Afwerki ought to be expelled from it; and that the main objective of the Kidan is to remove the outstanding differences between the member organizations, and not to fight against the dictatorship. In the context of this defunct strategy, it is backroom intrigues that matter, and not the various aspects of democracy.


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